Roadshow @ Tawau

We had a successful event in Tawau, co-hosting the roadshow promotion with Visamaju Parts Supplies Sdn Bhd from 28 April 2012 to 1 May 2012.

It’s the first time Licota had a roadshow event in Tawau.

Here are some pictures snapped during the few days of promotion.

Licota Roadshow Promotion at Tawau

Let's meet the crew

Licota Tools Roadshow Promotion at Tawau

Various visitors came to check out the tools

Licota Tools

Customers testing the tools before making the purchase

Licota Tools Quality Tests

Let's see if the nut will break, and if the bench vice is gripping it strongly!

Licota Tools in Tawau

Surely the tools passed the test!

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